Palya Fund

Of the nearly 3000 Anangu living in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands ("APY Lands") some 500 are members of the state wide Ananguku Arts and Cultural Aboriginal Corporation (Ku Arts). Ku Arts is a wholly Anangu association. Almost all the senior Anangu men and women, the custodians of culture, are members of Ku Arts.

The Palya Fund, a charitable fund with DGR status, was conceived and brought into being by the members of Ku Arts. They held a conviction that the task of restoring the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal communities primarily depended on the Aboriginal people. But it would still need help from decent minded piranpa (non-Aboriginal people).

This is the Palya Fund's mission statement in Pitjantjatjara:

"Nyaaku Palya Fund ngaranyi? Nganana kulini Anangu tjuta APY Landsala alpamilantjikitja tjana kunpu kuranyurintjaku, tjana walytjangu kutjupa ngurkanankuntjaku, Anangu tjuta rawa witulya ngarantjaku, tjanampa kaltja rawangku kanyintjaku, ninti pulka nyinantjaku, pika wiya nguwanpa nyinantjaku, waaka kutjupa kutjupa wirungku palyantjakutu. Munula kilini tjitji tjuta, yangupala tjuta, kungkawra tjuta kulukulu pulkaringkula witulya ngarantjaku."

This statement translates as follows:

"Why is the Palya Fund there? We are thinking to help the people in the APY Lands they to go forward with strength, they themselves to decide many things, the Anangu always to stand strong, always to keep their culture, to be very knowledgeable, to be healthy, various works to do well. And we are thinking for the children, young men and young women also when they have grown up to stand strong as adults."

While this speaks for itself, the Trust's purpose is to assist the Anangu's desire for self-determination and freedom from welfare or "sit down money". By the creation of obtainable Anangu enterprises, the communities achieve self-sustaining economic activity, employment and health.

Charity Status

deductible gift recipient status

Palya Fund